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Personal Success Stories….

  • If you are lucky enough to have fallen upon Joceline’s website while searching for Reiki training or any service she offers believe in fate.  The reviews on her website are very honest and accurate. I had been searching for a new teacher as I didn’t enjoy my first experience for my Level 1 Reiki training. Upon arriving at Joceline’s office/studio, I knew I had made the right choice, it was a very warm and welcoming environment Joceline has a very special talent for teaching. I took the private session so I could benefit from the one on one teaching and this was by far my best experience ever. I left feeling very calm and confident in myself and my capabilities in Reiki. I will definitely be taking my Level 3 training with Joceline and trying her other services. Thank you, Joceline for your patience and your passion for teaching Reiki.–Kate Laplante, Ottawa ON

  • I went to see Joceline because I was very unhappy in my life. It had gotten to the point where I got so used to not feeling good it seemed normal. But I didn't want to live my life like that. My self esteem was very low, I didn't feel comfortable expressing my own opinions, and I wasn't at peace with myself.  I was nervous at first, and I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be the best thing that's ever happened to me! Joceline is so intuitive, she has a very special gift. She is so easy to talk to, is so kind and understanding. It was so nice to talk to someone openly, who didn't judge you and knew exactly where you were coming from. Each session was wonderful and I gained so much healing from them. The Reiki sessions were amazing, I felt so good after each one and I felt I let go of a lot of negative energy that was holding me back.  Her guidance and suggestions on how to help myself and improve my life helped me so much. Today I feel whole, I know myself so much better, I am finally at peace being myself. I am so happy I am excited about my future!  Joceline is a wonderful life coach and I feel blessed to have found her. –Sara, Hammond ON

  • I would highly recommend Joceline to anyone looking to learn more about healing, Reiki or personal growth and happiness. Each time I have met with Joceline, I have left feeling happy, peaceful and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me. Her gentle, kind and practical approach to changing your life and attracting good things is simple yet incredibly powerful. The Reiki training sessions and workshops offer much more information than I thought possible, and Joceline's after-service support is invaluable. Thanks again, Joceline!" –Kellie, Fitzroy Harbor

  • I always love my Reiki sessions with Joceline. She is extremely talented at what she does! I always feel so relaxed, and can really feel the energy moving through me. I love that she throws in an intuitive reading as well, and tells me what she has noticed during each session that can improve my life. I highly recommend using Joceline's services!" –Karen, Kanata ON

  • I've had the privilege of seeing Joceline's Work at it's BEST!!!! She is extremely gifted in her line of work along with being Highly Professional and Accurate.I have experienced tremendous Breakthrough working with her for a few Months, I would HIGHLY Recommend you making an investment with your Time and Money on your well being and the BEST person for that would be Joceline. She operates from a High Level of Integrity and will tell you that you don't need her any longer, unlike others." –Adriana, Southern Ontario

  • My two young boys and i started working with Joceline because I was looking for alternative approaches to healing therapies that go beyond what doctors could provide us.  I was looking to improve calmness to my children and myself by means of Reiki sessions and Angel guidance. Joceline's abilities came shining through with each Reiki session and our experience went well beyond any expectation I had.  She was able to identify and clear blocks and when she described what she felt in each session, her accuracy was remarkable.  She not only released the blocks but identified the exact emotional issues that each of us were living with.  She came up with recommendations to work on and improve ourselves and also gave me beautiful messages from my angels and from my grandfather. I also really enjoyed and benefited from the life coaching that Joceline offers.  She immediately felt like an old friend that was looking out for my best interest.  I had an Angel card reading that answered questions that I have had for some time.  I was reassured that what I thought I was hearing from my Angels was accurate.  Amazing! Joceline provides a sense of peace that I am so happy to have found in myself and my boys. They are doing very well and I am comforted knowing I am taking what I learned with our sessions and applying it to our lives.Thank you Joceline and I look forward to the next time we meet. –Wendy, Kanata ON 

  • A dream come true! Joceline truly helped me during my struggle with fertility.After my husband and I have been trying for four years and been given a two percent chance of conceiving and after a failed fertility treatment we were left frustrated and angry. Joceline contacted me reassuring me I would indeed get pregnant and gave me ideas and suggestions. She also added us to her daily healing meditation and reiki fertility crystal grid. Low and behold three weeks later we were pregnant. –Excited Mom, Ottawa ON

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